Municipal Rate

Here's our veterinary service proposal for the Nómada Mobile Vet Unit, tailored for municipalities. The listed rates apply through May 31, 2024, for all stray animals under the care of the city or town council.


— cats 60€

— dogs 90€

Antiparasitic spot-on treatment (against fleas, worms, and mites)

— cats 15€

— dogs 20€

Eye enucleation with post-operative medication

(antibiotic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory)

— cats 130€

Dogs €200-€260, depending on weight

Diagnostic test (for leukemia and immunodeficiency)

cats 26€

Euthanasia (with veterinary prescription)

— cats 30€

— dogs 50-100€ 

depending on weight


— cats 20€

— dogs 20-100€ 

depending on weight

Trivalent vaccine

cats 18€

Special Conditions

Travel to the site up to 10km - €50
Beyond 10km, an additional €1 per km is added
Must operate on between 10 and 20 animals per day.


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