Clinical Cases

Mati the Cat, 13 years old. Fibrosarcoma. It was possible to extend her life by 1 year and 7 months.

Cat in a foster home. Bite with subsequent necrosis.

Chungo the Boar. Castration in the field.

1. Generalized eye infection

2. Preparation of the surgical field

3. Immediately after the enucleation

4. 2 weeks post-surgery

1. Fibrosarcoma in a donkey

2. Just after removal

3. A few days later

4. 2 weeks after the procedure

1. 1/2/3. The lesion from electrocution

2. After palatoplasty

3. One week post-operation

4. 15 days post-operation

5. Source of the graft (cartilage from the ear)

6. 3 weeks post-operation

1. The second day after contact with the processionary caterpillar.

2. Five days later.

3. Four weeks later.

4. A month and a half later.


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